Maharites adult teen

Maharite Adults

Maharites are magic beings and the dominant species of Hakistan


Maharites have peach skin. They usally have mana, or life energy, around them. This helps them fly & hover, because due to their lack in toes they can not walk. They have large eyes that are a dark shade of pink.


Maharites reproduce almost like humans. Like many other sexual reproductions, only the women have babies. The baby is always in the the mothers stomach for at least 7 days and then comes out on its own. Their is no reason for surgery because the baby just shifts own of it mother and come out happy.

Babies (0- 2 years old)

Babies tend to lack mana, so their fathers make a little hovering baby seat for them and soon it becomes part of their transportation. The mana quickly turn into a mana covering just like the ones that every other Maharite has. 

Todlers (3- 8 years old)

Todlers are really cute. They often start to pull hair and teeth and even start throwing things hard at others. They are usually starting to learn how to use the easy thinks like opening the 

Kids (9- 12 years old)

Many Maharite children start to mature very quickly. They are givin the hace vote, the vote that Maharites 9-12 years old get. Some Maharite kids get into nature clans and go crazy wanting to save nature.

Teenagers (13- 20 years old)

Teenagers fall deeply in love. They usually are allowed to work at age 12 and use as much money on their favorite things. Love Potions are not needed for Maharite love, for if one Maharites love someone, their true love also loves them. If you have not hit puberty and think love is gross, well this love thing isn't mostly for you. Anyways, Maharites have found no trouble in love since the very first generation. Every Maharites love his/her fellow till the end.